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Purchasing Consolidation - Print Services

We carried out a Strategic review for a leading UK based specialist-printing company. Our client had recently doubled in size through the acquisition of a large printing operation and wanted to exploit the Purchasing leverage and synergy. Following our review, we concluded that Purchasing should be centralised under a senior Purchasing specialist and a comprehensive supplier rationalisation programme be undertaken. We estimated that savings in excess of £2m (3.5%) were obtainable within the first 12 months. We supported recruitment of the new Head of Purchasing and provided mentoring following appointment. Most of our recommendations were successfully achieved - including the cost savings.

Competency Development, Assessment, & Recruitment – Various industries

Supply Chain Excellence have developed competencies and ran recruitment assessment centres for Supply Chain and Strategic Purchasing personnel for a number of organisations in many different industries. This is often followed up with 1:1 and team training for new recruits and existing staff.

Purchasing Healthcheck – Banking

Strategic review of all Purchasing processes for UK based operations. Training in the development of Purchasing strategy and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement programme.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Training – Various industries

Supply Chain Excellence has undertaken a wide range of training and personal development projects. We offer a broad and varied series of training programmes ranging from a comprehensive Personal Development Planning programme (PDP), where we support strategy, role definition, learning needs analysis and training delivery; to simply providing targeted training where content and deliverables have already been defined. We always work closely with clients to ensure that training is relevant to their organisation and dovetails with other initiatives already in place.