Supply Chain Excellence - Delivering profitable customer satisfaction
Our working philosophy is to provide advice and support that is in our client's best long-term interest, including transfer of skills to ensure staff become more self-sufficient, enhancing long-term client capability.

Focus on the real issues – throughout the project
Ensure projected benefits are delivered through regular reviews
An integrated approach to each assignment involving cross-functional team working
Open and close involvement and communication with the whole team
Positioning the Supply Chain as a Strategic process
Adopting an open approach to opportunities and, developing individual solutions based on what is right for each client
Applying proven methodologies to improve our clients’ business:
Utilizing Strategic Sourcing,
Identifying and minimising Total Acquisition Costs
Combating Margin Erosion
Delivering better customer service at lower costs

"You showed us what was possible... we're now up to £1.1m against your £1m savings target” NC

“Your approach of transferring knowledge and validating the transfer is very effective in zapping people into action” MS