Supply Chain Excellence - Delivering profitable customer satisfaction

In our experience organisations employ consultants for three reasons:

Objective, innovative thinking to solve a problem; together with practical implementation support
Additional specialist resource to help deliver a pre-determined solution
Assisting clients through change by injecting knowledge and expertise; team or individual training, coaching and mentoring


Supply Chain Excellence approaches each client with a single objective – how can we solve the problem quickly, cost-effectively and for good? Clients value our ability to transfer knowledge to the team and gain their commitment as this ensures SUSTAINABLE results.

We have developed a number of leading edge solutions and apply these flexibly to suit each situation. For more information, click on the links below.

Strategic Sourcing

Margin Erosion

Total Acquisition Costs

Range Optimisation

Team Strategy & Action Plans

Supplier Performance Improvement

Purchasing & Supply Chain Training

"Nick, we have just produced 80 invoices today! Just thought I would let you know the happiness and hysteria that this has caused this morning, things looking much better, thanks very much.” CS