Supply Chain Excellence - Delivering profitable customer satisfaction

How much do you spend on external purchases? Most CEO’s don’t know the answer. In our experience, most FD’s don’t know either as it is not normally a requirement in financial statements or trading accounts. Yet, most manufacturing companies spend upwards of 70% of their turnover (slightly less for Public and Service sectors) on externally sourced goods and services.

Why is the question important? Because 70% of your turnover is managed by other people; people who don’t even work in your organisation – your suppliers! And how well do you know them? Do they understand your needs? Can you trust them to deliver on time, every time?

Supply Management

At SUPPLY CHAIN EXCELLENCE we believe that suppliers are an integral part of any business. Organisations that understand their supply market and develop plans to get the most from supplier resources obtain significant business benefits:

Lowest long-term cost producer
Best customer service in the industry
Improved cash flow and lower inventory
Reduced supply risk
Continuous quality improvement
Enhanced time to market for new products

Strategic Sourcing is designed to segment external spend and ensure that Purchasing resources are focused on the most important categories – getting best value and supplier performance. We describe Strategic Sourcing as ‘a move from narrow, short term transactional thinking to a business-focused and planned approach – getting the best out of the whole supply base for least cost’

Key elements of Strategic Sourcing:

Segmentation of spend portfolio into categories
Differentiated approach to the supply market
Tough cost saving and service targets
Fewer, better suppliers and greater use of their resources
Improved relationships with key suppliers
Tighter integration of Purchasing and Supply Chain within the business

Strategic Sourcing - SUPPLY CHAIN EXCELLENCE’S simple and straight forward process.

Significant Cost Savings
Supplier Rationalisation
Increased Leverage
Improved Quality & Service
Key Supplier Collaboration
Supply Risk Management
Increased Team Confidence

Strategic Sourcing with SUPPLY CHAIN EXCELLENCE
Manufacturing, Service and Public Sector
Full Training & Coaching
Cost Effective Implementation
Sustainable – after we’ve gone
No Special Software Required