Supply Chain Excellence - Delivering profitable customer satisfaction

‘People are an organisation’s biggest asset’ is an old cliché but we at Supply Chain Excellence happen to believe it is true. You can have the finest software and production processes in the world but if your team do not understand how to deliver against customer and shareholder expectations then they are of little value.

“Real commitment is rare in today’s organizations. It is our experience that 90 percent of the time what passes for commitment is compliance” – Peter Senge

Through our extensive alliance and associate network, we are able to provide comprehensive consultancy and training support for Purchasing and Supply Chain at all levels, together with all associated functions within an organisation.


We offer a broad and varied series of training programmes ranging from a comprehensive Personal Development Programme (PDP see below); to simply providing targeted training where content and deliverables have already been defined. We always work closely with clients to ensure that training is relevant to their organisation and dovetails with other initiatives already in place.

Personal Development Programme

Our comprehensive approach is designed to support your business strategy we can support the development of PDP strategy, role definitions, learning needs analysis and where appropriate deliver tailored training.

Most of our training is tailored to suit your specific requirements. The following is a list of topics recently covered:

Strategic Purchasing

Introduction to Purchasing
Improving Supplier Performance
Supplier Selection and Appraisal
Strategic Sourcing
Reducing Total Acquisition Costs
Developing the Purchasing Strategy
Managing Supply Risk
Purchasing Organisational Planning
Negotiation Skills
Contracts and Tenders for the Non Specialist

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Essentials
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management
Managing Freight Transport
Planning essentials
Forecasting Essentials
Creating an Integrated Supply Chain
Supply Chain Measurement (KPIs)
Manufacturing Fundamentals
Improving Customer Service
Developing the Supply Chain Strategy
Understanding Sales and Operations Planning

Personal Development

Effective Meetings
Influencing and Persuading
Management Skills
Presentation Skills – Elementary
Presentation Skills – Advanced
Time Management
Team Working
Managing Change